Thermavein FACE aesthetics Holmfirth Huddersfield


It offers a clinically proven, instant, safe and effective treatment of red veins, often referred to as thread veins or spider veins, and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”, as well as other vascular blemishes, using a process of thermo-coagulation which seals the vein walls, causing them to instantly and permanently disappear.


ThermaVein compliments the treatment of rosacea by treating the thread veins associated with this condition, and is best combined with micro-scelerotherapy for treating legs.

Thread veins are often considered to be cosmetically unsightly, depending on their location, and many people seek to have them removed, but they are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins so thermo-cogulation offers a simple solution.

Equipped with a polarisation light system the practitioner introduces a fine needle over the vein and in most cases the vein disappears instantaneously.

Unlike IPL and Lasers, ThermaVein® cannot cause loss of pigmentation, is suitable for all skin types, and can be used on men and women.

ThermaVein uses a sterile, single use, fine needle probe (0.3mm), which is insulated to protect the skin, to deliver a controlled microwave current treatment.

The big difference between ThermaVein and other treatments is the current.


The low current means that it does not coagulate the blood making it safe, effective

The current travels for approximately 3mm, (a similar size to a grain of sand or the head of a pin), causing the vein to close. 



Thermavein Spider Vein Treatment FACE aesthetics Holmfirth Huddersfield

How does it work?

The needle is inserted into the treatment area every 1-2mm and a microwave current is delivered. The heat energy from the microwave current is absorbed by the vein, causing it to close. The vein is then absorbed by the body.

Once the vein is closed off, blood can no longer flow through it, which means that it cannot be seen underneath the surface of the skin.

Results are instantaneous and you will usually be able to see a difference in the appearance of the thread veins within 15 minutes following treatment.

There is some redness of the skin following treatment which can last up to 48 hours depending on the area treated.