At FACE aesthetics & beauty we specialise in male aesthetics. We are seeing more male patients interested in aesthetic treatments. A lot of men tell us that the frown lines between their eyes have become a permanent feature, and even though they are not, people often tell them that they look permanently stressed or stern.

Nowadays, most men take as much pride in their physique as women do, and we should not underestimate the impact it has on their state of mind and ambition. 

We specialise in providing subtle, natural results so that your family and friends will just comment how well you look, rather than 'what have you had done?' 


Or you can go a little further and enhance your features, such as jawline and cheekbones. 


Botox and fillers can offer tremendous improvements with minimal downtime. The results of Plasma IQ is subtle – perfect for treating those stubborn wrinkles and droopy eyes.

 At FACE we are aware that male aesthetics is in its own category, and that a little male grooming in the right hands can go a long way.

The six most popular male cosmetic treatments at FACE aesthetics & beauty:

      Botulinum toxin to soften frown lines,                forehead lines and crow’s feet

Jawline Filler to add definition


​       Chemical peels to reduce pore size, treat oily and rough skin and give you a healthy-looking complexion


Dermal Fillers to add volume to the chin and cheeks and reduce nose to mouth lines


Thermavein to reduce facial redness and veins on the face


Plasma IQ – Non surgical Blepharoplasty (droopy eyelids)