Unlike Botox®, Dermal Fillers are not classified as a drug. However, it is still essential that treatment should only be carried out by a qualified Registered Nurse or Doctor, who can demonstrate both additional training and experience with Dermal Fillers for cosmetic purposes.

Dermal Fillers should be delivered in a medical setting in a clinic fully registered and insured to carry out these procedures. Aftercare is as important as treatment, so it is essential your treatment is in a clinic that can offer ongoing medical support.

Dermal Fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring molecule we find in our skin. HA acts like a sponge, attracting water and helping to hydrate and cushion our skin cells. As we age our levels of HA drop, making our skin feel less hydrated and contributing to the development of lines and wrinkles.

FACE aesthetics and beauty use Juvederm and Teosyal dermal filler for these types of treatments.

How does the 8 Point Lift Work?


Dermal Fillers are administered using a fine needle to carefully restore Hyaluronic Acid to areas of lost facial volume. Injection of the filler will immediately lift and soften those areas in need of correction.

The 8 Point Lift is an innovative new technique designed to give effective yet subtle improvement in facial volume, lines and wrinkles.

The 8 points cover cheek volume, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, pre jowl area and jawline.


8 Point Lift FACE aesthetics & beauty Holmfirth Huddersfield

Results you can expect:

Results are immediately, with areas injected looking firmer and fuller straight after injection. However, it is usual to expect some swelling and possibly mild bruising post treatment, so it can take up to 4 weeks to see full benefit.

If both volumising and wrinkle reduction is required, treatment is often staged to maximize results. Volume is always addressed first, with fine tuning of smaller lines and wrinkles addressed on the second or third appointment.

Final results see skin looking firmer, more lifted, with a reduction in lines and wrinkles.


Dermal Fillers should last between 6 and 12 months, though all patients are individual and many patients enjoy results lasting up to 18 months.